Classy. Creative. Clever!

About 6 months ago I was engaged in a conversation about branding and marketing objectives. The conversation was really centered around my own business. I’ve always believed that often companies get overly creative at the expense of communicating clearly with their target audience. What I mean by that is there has to be a clear and succinct marketing goal, then the creative supports the messaging and connection to prospective customer. 

Fast forward to September 30th 2016. After extensive discussions with the digital marketing firm, Gigantic Group about my target audience, how would we like the website navigation to look, what images to showcase, and how the copy should read, we launched the site that you are on now!

Luckily, working together on the logo initially, we had a good idea of the direction we wanted to take for the website and brand as a whole. What we decided is important is to look modern and cutting edge, particularly because we are shooting digital photography, but I felt it was important not to lose sight of the craft itself. As you can see the logo mark is a lens aperture with pixels flying out - I hope you like it. My goal is for the brand to represent the craft of photography while harnessing the artistic flexibility that todays digital format affords.

The website had to be clean, easy to navigate and really convey what and how I create stunning, memorable images for my clients and the customers who purchase my photography. The copy needed to be short, to the point, witty, and speak to my personality. Although we still have quite a lot of work to do on the website, I’m sure you’ll agree that Gigantic have done a great job. 

Thank you to everyone involved, clients, suppliers, mentors and my family for their unending support.