Sunday Mornings

On Sunday morning I was sat quietly drinking my coffee and reading the BBC World News on my phone when I got thinking about how Sunday’s used to be. We would read the Sunday Newspaper most of the morning and then set about the household chores. When I think back it seems like Sunday’s were a less complicated affair back then. As I sat pondering my mind was drawn back to the day after Jane and my Wedding. We met our guests and friends for breakfast and to chat, then we rushed off the the grocery store to buy sandwich fixings, hurriedly made about 50 sandwiches and then met everyone to go for a hike to one of our favorite swimming holes in the mountains. Well it probably wasn’t the way most newly weds start their first day and husband and wife, but it was memorable!

On post Wedding Shoot Sunday’s we usually sleep in a little longer and have an extra cup of coffee. I never look at the images from the day before’s shoot as I prefer to wait a few days as I think I feel a little less attached and more objective about editing the images, but I do sit and think about all the great images we shot with anticipation. If you’ve ever watched us working we put a ton of energy in to the day and rarely stop for a break - we want to document the day as accurately as we can. 

Here’s an image of Marietta Square here in Georgia that I shot early last Sunday morning - okay I do get up early and shoot sometimes! I hope you enjoy the tranquil feel and the way I processed this one to look like simpler times.