Wedding Receptions and Families

One of my favorite parts of shooting weddings is the reception. Why? I guess it’s because you never know what might happen in terms of the guests behavior, children misbehaving, adults misbehaving and of course the parent’s & sibling’s tears of joy.

I love watching the guests lip-sync or even full on belting out a song over the top of the band or DJ - it’s just fun and I get to capture some of the most memorable parts of the wedding - family and friends enjoying each others company and having a laugh.

This image I think clearly explains what I’m trying to say. As you can see it didn’t take long for the whole family to get in on the act. Great fun, very enjoyable shooting and always makes me smile when I revisit images like this. It’s what photography is all about - documenting that moment in time that will never be repeated, a slice of life, a glimpse into a family, the start of new memories….I could go on. Enjoy the image, let me know if I can help you - Chris