Saturday in the park

Sounds like an old rock song…ha ha ha! Shot this one in Piedmont Park Atlanta which got me thinking about parks. I remember years ago talking with the Mayor of a big city about green space and he said “Parks are the lungs of our City” which is very true. Additionally, I think that city parks are truly an urban oasis, where we can go to forget the stress and pressures of the week for a little mental break from the realities of modern day living.

We love Piedmont Park in Atlanta as do our dogs and I’ve been fortunate enough to have photographed lots of cute canines in the park. Jane and I agree that Central Park in New York City is one of our favorites. This jewel kept us in shape physically through the great training runs we had on her trails and roads, but also mentally, giving respite from the urban craziness that is the Big Apple.

Enjoy the image, it’s Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s get out and enjoy our World!!

Atlanta from Piedmont Park - Cottrell & Co. - 1_CGC5149.png