Destination Weddings - aka...Fun Road Trip

When I asked Jane to marry me and she said “Yes!!!” We then planned a “Destination Wedding” in Blowing Rock, a charming town in the Western North Carolina mountains. We set about perusing our list of friends and family who we knew we would love to celebrate with us in this special place.

Jane took charge of the planning, she meticulously looked at every detail and researched all the different elements of the weekend. I remember Jane saying many times “details, details, details, we need to make sure that our guests have the best experience ever, particularly the ones who have never been to the Blue Ridge Mountains.” The wedding favors were so thoughtfully pulled together, firstly a CD of Appalachian Mountain music, a packet of seeds to grow a Spruce tree and beautiful shoal type wraps for the ladies during the cool mountain evenings. 

Outside of the actual wedding event, we had several events planned, kicking off with a Rehearsal Dinner the night before. Our Wedding Day started with a trail run/walk, followed by an alfresco breakfast, an awesome start to the celebrations! The day after the wedding we had a short hike and then a warm summer afternoon swimming, laughing and jumping into the bone chilling water of one of our favorite mountain creeks. We spent the evening after our wedding with many friends around the fire, cooking burgers & chicken and laughing a lot!

We did have a Wedding Planner help, but I have to credit my wife, Jane with taking care of all the little details to make our Destination Wedding weekend one that we and our friends talk about whenever we are together.

Here are five things Jane said you should consider:

1. Have the hotel help you place welcome bags/baskets on your guests beds.

2. Choose events that all of your guests can participate in.

3. Include a list of events and directions to each event in welcome basket.

4. Whenever possible provide meals to make it easier for your guests.

5. Plan carefully to avoid being frazzled on your big day.