Creative Photography Needs Creative Thinking

You never what might spark your creativity. A few months ago I was watching an old movie from the the mid 1950’s which got me thinking about the 1940’s look. It seems to me that some of the styles of the 1940’s are coming back; I’ll be the first to admit fashion-wise that era was hard to beat. There was my start!Styled shoots like my 1940’s one take little more planning than usual. I started with figuring out how to recreate the Venetian Blind shadow look. Using a large piece of foam core board I cut each slat and mounted it on a reflector holder. then I started to experiment with the studio lights to see which configuration gave me the look I wanted. Where I ended was with a regular Nikon Flash - SB910 Speedlight, I added a grid to enhance the outside, sunlight look filtering through a smoky room.

Working closely with my model Livvy we selected the gloves and pillbox hat and purchased those. The hair and makeup were the next nightmare, luckily Livvy and good handle on that. We got our shoot schedule and spent about 3 hours in the studio.

Post production everything was initially run through Adobe Lightroom. I used an array of “presets” (filters) from Sleekens and Contrasty with additional help from some awesome Sleekens brushes. Finishing up the images in Adobe Photoshop and Nik’s Silver Effects.

As I finished up these images today I was thinking how cool it would be to apply these touches to a themed wedding or event.

Great fun, I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them - Chris