Social Media and Marketing

I was recently talking with some amazing young people about Social Media. Our conversation centered around why our 2 rescue Pugs, Bodie and Spanky, have so many Instagram followers, over 16K as of this writing? Great question. 

I suppose that it’s human nature to want to be liked or loved it gives us a sense of being wanted, valued and needed. So, why do some people or pets become Social Media Celebrates while others who are equally worthy, do not. Coming from a marketing, graphics and teaching background I can say this, firstly we have to identify our audience. Next we have to figure out how we want to position ourselves, our business or products and thats got a lot to do with what we post on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Now, I would imagine that pretty much everyone 30 years old or younger has at least 2 or 3 Social Media accounts. If you’re looking for a job or about to graduate from college a nice LinkedIn, FB and IG profiles are essential along with sharp, professionally shot photographs to enhance them. 

I feel it’s more important than ever that business owners, marketing managers and other leaders have great looking photographs of themselves on the various Social Media Platforms including the company website, because prospective customers want to see who you are before doing business with you.

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