How to Create Touching Moments on Your Wedding Day

I was working on a file for a 16” x 20” canvas print for one of my Wedding Photography clients a while ago. It was an amazing destination wedding in Jacksonville, Florida with the reception at the stunning Ponte Vedra Inn, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. My goal to document the day, including all the emotions must have worked well, because my mind raced back to how I made them look and feel at that very moment.

The image I was working on (see below), is one of the couple in a loving embrace, All I said was “Lift your hand gently up to his face” her eyes told the story. Suddenly an ocean breeze picked up the brides veil and covered them both. I love this image as I think it really captured their love for each other. As a documentary wedding photographer I like to photograph the day as it unfolds and all the little happenings along the way. 

When I’m asked as to whether I pose the Bride and Groom or Bridesmaids and Groomsman, the answer, is yes! However, all I do is to help guide the Bride and Groom to make them look their absolute best, which is what I believe we all want. I love to capture things as naturally as possible and my few instructions really seem to help make a couple shine on their Wedding Day.

On the day of delivering the canvas print there were tears of joy when the newly weds saw their image for the first time, - my job was done!

Ponte Vedra Inn

Lodge & Club

Newly Weds Loving Moment