Potential Customers are Looking...

Will they like what they see? Was the sub-heading on a self promo postcard I created a few weeks ago.

I looked for information that would support my belief that correct positioning is more important than ever in our efforts to speak to our audiences. From the brand point of view consistency is key along with a mission statement that really says why you get up everyday and do what you do.

An estimated 96% of businesses use Social media for all or part of their marketing strategy and understandably consumers want to see who they’ll be buying from. It is vitally important that companies have excellent headshots of their staff and executives. That said, product photography and website imagery should also be of a high calibre.

The postcard, although still a very recent effort, has been very successful so far and I’m confident that as part of my marketing plan it will help bring in more customers in the future.

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Chris Cottrell, Professional Photographer based near Atlanta, Georgia