Best Time of the Day

For most of us we have an optimum time of the day to work, earlier in the day for some, later for others and anytime could also work. For me the “get it done time” is from early in the morning 6:00am - 2:00pm. I usually find myself fading away a little between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, but rally back to always finish strong with the help of some great British Tea, PG Tips being my favorite. 

The nice blue hues and soft light we see in the early morning is, for me the best time to shoot on locationfamily portraits, individual headshots, engagement sessions and pretty much anything to do with people photography - my favorite genre.

The golden hours during the evening/late afternoon are also a favorite time for me with nice, soft warm light which also makes for great outdoor people photography, particularly after the ceremony and before the reception wedding portraits.

I would have to agree with my friends and family that my energy levels are pretty high as soon as I have a camera in my hands! Anytime of the day, rain or shine does present opportunities for me to overcome challenges to achieve what my clients are looking for in their photographs.

What ever light and what ever time you may be working today have a great weekend!

Chris Cottrell is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based near Atlanta Georgia.


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