Becoming a Certified Professional Photographers

Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and commit the time to studying and practicing to obtain my Professional Photographers of America certification - CPP.

I had taken an online Certified Professional Photographers class and exam, which I passed about 6 years ago. It was with a Canadian University and was fairly difficult overall. The Professional Photographers of America do not recognize other institutions, fair enoughWith over 15 years for digital photography experience from a diverse set of assignments from restaurant interiors, families on the beach, products, pets and people….I’ve always come back to portraits, weddings and families. I have always tried to make my clients look their best, the way they really look in the best light. Additionally, I always try to capture the emotions of the moment whether thats laughter, tears, frustration, straight out weeping or a dog lovingly  kissing it’s owner. I always tried to deliver the absolute highest quality images and products to my clients, sorry I’m going off on a creative tangent! 

The PPA exam is in 2 parts, written and a portfolio of images that have to go through the scrutiny of expert image judges. I so happy to report that I passed both sections, please see the attached press release.

Thank to all of my clients, brides, grooms, families, executives, models and more I appreciate all of your faith and trust in my abilities.



Chris Cottrell, CPP

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