What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos : My Top Ten Tips

It can be difficult to decide how you would like to dress for your engagement photo session. I've found over the years that quite often the bride to be makes great choices, the groom to be often struggles!

Your engagement photos are a perfect opportunity for you to express who you are as a couple, so it's important to have fun! Having confidence and feeling chemistry with your partner is what the shoot is all about. Don't worry if you don't look perfect. A few things out of place is not a big deal. Your passion for each other shining through is what will make your photos look fantastic - not the perfect outfits or haircuts and makeup!

Consider these ten tips to help you decide what to wear.

Theme and Dress Code

Choose a style for the photo session. Do you like a classic look like polos and khakis or top and skirt or pants? Are you a fashionable couple who are always on trend? Are you sporty, love to workout together? Do you want a casual look or more formal? Last word here - be comfortable!

Color Scheme

You don't have to be perfectly color matched, but it's nice to stay within the same or similar color tones. Are you into earth tones like burgundy, olive green, and light browns? Or a more neutral palette like navy blue, khaki and white? Maybe you're looking for a more spring/pastel look? The seasons may be a good place to start when choosing your color scheme, but stick with what you love as a couple - I want you both to feel super comfortable!


If we're shooting in the cooler seasons bring layering options that can easily be taken on or off. Likewise in warmer weather, light shirts or tops with an added blazer or sport jacket that can be put on for the photo and quickly taken off. This will create different looks without having to completely change outfits.

The addition of hats, scarves, umbrellas, parasols, jewelry and shoes will also help create soem different looks at your photo session.

Stand Out With Solid Colors

Solid dresses and monochrome matching sets area great choices for ladies. Solid color shirts for the guys. Wearing solid colors makes you stand out wherever we are shooting and will make you pop in the photo.

Don't be afraid to go a little bold with bright yellow, pink or red dresses. For the guys, dress shirts or polos with solid colors like light blue, pale green or light pinks always work well.

Patterns and Plaids

If you love plaids and patterns, but want to look great on camera, opt for more subtle prints that might appear as one color from a distance. Strips, polka dots and plaids - choose smaller versions of the prints.

Keep it Classic

Choosing the classics always works well and they look classy forever. You don't need to reinvent the wheel here. A nice button down dress shirt for the guys with a fitted jacket or blazer, dark jeans or dress pants always look great for men.

Writing and Logos

Logos and printed words speak to us. Unfortunately it's often the first thing people look at in photos instead of focussing on you, the beautiful couple. Try to avoid wearing logo attire or clothing with wording. If it's unavoidable not to worry as I can usually remove most in editing your photos, but not all.

Mobile Phones and Wallets

Try to avoid stuffing your pockets with car keys, phones and wallets. I know we all have to carry them so I've made provisions for that. When we set up for your photo session I have a safe, rolling, camera case that my couples usually leave their stuff in. My assistant will help you with making sure your pockets are not bulging out.

Hair Ties - Warning

Ladies (and often men with man buns) carry or wear hair ties. At your engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photo session I'll try to remind you to take the hair tie off your wrist! I want all the attention to be on your gorgeous engagement ring or wedding band.

Bring Touch-up Makeup

It's a good idea to bring a little touch-up makeup, lip stick, lip gloss etc. I always have blotting papers on hand at my photos sessions for both the bride to be and the groom to be.

Being a PPA certified professional photographer I'll professionally edit your photos and remove pimples, blemish or blotches and make other adjustments to enhance your photographs.

Let's Go!

Next step, if you haven't already done so, is to contact me to discuss a time/day for you and your love to have your photo session. You can also book in a short consultation here.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, talking with you and creating stunning portraits and a memorable photo session for you.

Hi. I'm Chris, certified wedding a portrait photographer living and working just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Kennesaw. I would love to start a conversation with you about photographing you both to commemorate your love. Feel free to reach out to me and we can start discussing locations and share ideas for your special photo session.

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