Grooms and Getting Ready for Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

I thought I would spend a little time helping the guys out with this post as usually my “helpful posts” are geared more towards brides and females in general. Now I’m committed….have to think here, so here we go:

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Firstly clothing, what to wear at your Engagement Photo session, you want to look nice for the woman you asked to marry you, so make sure your jeans, khakis dress pants are clean, presentable and of course fit you nicely. Although you may want to complement what your fiancée is wearing, avoid looking like a matched set. Wear shirts or sweaters with minimal patterns, no loud colors and perhaps colors that work well with your fiancée’s outfit.


Weddings usually mean tuxedos, suits etc. I tend to think that a more traditional. classic look will stand the test of time - I’ve shot people in very trendy looking attire only to look back a few years later and think…it looks so old fashion now!


Hair. Make sure your hair is cut and styled, washed and looking good for your weeding day or engagement photo session. Additional info at Grooms Hair with help from @betsydoeshair. For your engagement photo session make sure you get a hair cut about a week before. Wedding day pretty much the same unless you decide to try a new look then make sure you try it a few months ahead and consult your hair stylist first. 

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Shave, trim up your beard, make sure you look your best for both the wedding day and your engagement photo session. Make sure your nails are trimmed and look clean along with making sure your hands look clean. I know Photoshop might take care of a lot of blemishes, but I could use a little help from time to time.

Wear comfortable shoes that are clean, dress shoes need to be polished any other type of shoe needs to be clean and presentable. If you’re wearing sport shoes like golf, running, skate etc. make sure they are new or in really good shape.


Bottomline is make sure you and your future wife discuss what you are going to wear and how you would like to look in your photos together and you’ll both get a lot more out of the shoot plus I think it’s always more fun when you both put the effort in to look fantastic.


I hope this gives the guys a little direction and place to start! Contact me if you have nay questions.

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