Are you Positioned for Success?

Are you concerned about your own profile photo?

Has it been ages since you got a new Executive Headshot?

When was the last time you looked at your own Business Portrait?

If you answer yes to all or one of the above, click here and let's start a conversation - it's free!

With many years experience in the graphics and advertising industry, I always ask my clients and prospects lots of questions. Why? To make sure that the portraits and executive headshots are in line with their marketing objectives.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get all the luck? They get the best jobs, higher salary or they get the best contracts and their businesses seem to thrive no matter what.

Positioning - Executive Headshots the Send the Right Message!

As humans we tend to go on first impressions...don't we? We often say things like "gut instincts" or "I have a good feeling about" and very often it's based on what we see. Our online image should always be approachable, warm and friendly, is yours? Have you looked at your profile photos and asked yourself this question? Would I do business with me? If you answer, (with honesty), anything other than yes click here and look at what other business people are using - it's free to look.

If you are in an industry like Real Estate Sales or Car Sales or Health and Beauty look here this might be the type of Headshot or Business Portrait you need.

Make Your Profile Photo Work for you and....

Once you have your Executive Headshots or business portrait that positions you correctly and fits into your brand then you post it up, but! It doesn't stop there. I understand that success isn't based on perfect imagery. And successful people work very hard and often do the things that everyone else are not willing to do to gain an edge - there are no short cuts. I suggest to my clients to have 3 or 4 executive headshots and change their profile photo 2 or 3 times a year. I’ll tell you why when we talk on the phone - lol!

Knowledge! What you Know, What to do now...

Knowing that 96% of business purchasing decisions are made from what prospective customers see online. Should we make sure that what they see of us is always positioned for success? The next step to take is to see if I can help you. It's takes a 10 minute complimentary phone conversation - you could see a world of difference in your approach to the market you serve.

Let me know if you have any questions about Atlanta Executive Headshot, your Atlanta Business Photography or Commercial Photography. - Chris

Chris Cottrell owner of Cottrell Photographers in Kennesaw Georgia is a Certified Professional Executive Headshot Photographer.