Recently I was thinking about a wedding I shot a few years ago. Stacy and Clint got married in Gainesville, Florida at Jolie Events, which is a beautiful venue in the middle of town, near The University of Florida. It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot and even the weather played ball on a hot midsummer afternoon with normal prone to pop up thunderstorms. 

The bride and groom prep

Stacy got ready in the onsite Bridal Suite with her family and friends, the atmosphere was so calm, probably due to Stacy’s meticulous organization. There were a few tears of happiness and  I’m sure all the change about to happen, during the prep time. She then went down the stairs and walked the short distance to get to where the ceremony was to take place. 

The guests were arriving as Clint was still getting ready with his family.  At this point, time was feeling like it was running short. Clint got ready in the on-site Grooms Suite. He travelled to the ceremony in his truck. He drove from North Carolina to marry the woman of his dreams after a long distance relationship that had been over a couple of years. Now a few years on, I feel I didn’t miss a beat even though there was a lot going on in a short space of time.

The Vows

The ceremony was an intimate affair at Jolie Events. And although fairly short in duration the ceremony was emotional and absolutely lovely. The decorations reminded me of a Greek Temple at dusk for some reason. During the ceremony, they had a beautiful reading. It was so tearfully emotional as it was read by Stacy's daughter.

The Dinner

They had their first meal together as husband and wife in the big room along with all of the guests, which was such a great idea. Personally, I liked the way they were able to see their families and friends during the meal and to interact with them also. 

Before the dancing and celebrations began I took Stacy and Clint out of the facility, around the corner to a wall of graffiti that I saw when I arrived in Gainesville and spent about 15 minutes creating some memorable photographs like this one.

The first dance was a good old traditional wedding shuffle, and they finished off the evening with a ‘last dance’  and hugs, kisses, tears laughter and every emotion you could think of all in the space of about 5 minutes!




Clint&Stacy Graffitti.jpg