5 Steps to Looking amazing on your Wedding Day

Wedding days are always stressful, with so much going on like, hair, make-up, flowers photographers and of course the guests. I like to give my Bride and Bridal Party a few quick tips to help them relax, enjoy the photo process and of course help them look even more amazing on the day. Here are 5 of my suggestions that seem to help brides and bridesmaids: 

1. We all have them, so hold your shoulders back and head up to avoid the little “packets” that bulge between your armpits and the edge of your wedding dress or top.

2. Try to have a little space between your body and your arms - avoid your arms pressing on to your sides - it makes your arms look bigger than they are and if its a straight on shot you’ll look wider than you really are.

3. Relax your forehead and eyes, I know this sounds like a little thing, but I can’t begin to tell     you how many people I start out photographing and they look stressed out - it’s the way the final photo will look if you’re not aware of it - relax, smile, you’ll look amazing.

4. Hands reveal a lot of emotion. Slightly bend your wrists, keep your hands loose and soft, fingers slightly curved resting lightly on your hips/waist or on the Grooms shoulder, arm or hands.

5. Its nice to see a little shape to dresses, to achieve that shift your weight to your rear leg, point your other foot and toe a little forward, with your pointed toe on the ground bend slightly at the knee.

I hope these five tips help you, remember, it’s not posing as much as a little guidance to enhance what you already have and make you look amazing on the day.

Chris Cottrell. British Wedding and Portrait Photographer from Bristol, Untied Kingdom, currently based near Atlanta, Georgia