How do you Know What to Wear on your Wedding day?

What do you wear on your wedding day? For the Groom, probably a dark color 3 piece suit, the traditional look always stands the test of time. White shirt, nice tie or bowtie in a a color that matches the Wedding theme color scheme. I think the more traditional look, although sometimes a little stuffy looking does appeal to a lot of people and therefore should keep everyone in the family happy.

On to the Wedding dress. I always feel badly for the Bride, it is such a huge responsibility finding the right dress. It’s got to please everyone in the family, be the right style, not too old fashioned, not too modern in fact the wedding dress has to be prefect!

If it were me choosing I would go for comfort first, then looks. I must admit I do look at the little details that are put into a dress - I should, being a photographer I suppose, but I am often held in awe at the detail and the amount of time that was devoted to creating the perfect wedding dress and all for one day that will be captured forever in photography. 

 It's becoming more common nowadays and I do somewhat agree, dress smart, more relaxed and go for a nontraditional wedding and I think that’s great. Bottomline, it’s your day, design it around what you both like, feel good about, and most of all enjoy the day!

Chris Cottrell, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

Found the Right Wedding Dress