The Three Most Important Things to Think of When Planning Your Wedding

About a week ago I sat down tointerview local bridal boutique “Impressions Bridal” and the manager Sheilah Barnhart. The interview was part of a project I started early in March and will most likely take me a few months to complete, however we’ll talk about that at a later date. 

After our interview had finished I asked a question “In your opinion what are the three things a bride to be should be aware of as the wedding planning process starts?”

Sheilah didn't answer me right away, she stopped and thought for a minute and then said “I think a bride has to find the absolute right dress. It’s got to be comfortable, look beautiful and make the bride look and feel like a million dollars on the the big day. . Next, the photography, these are memories that are being created on that day with family, friends and loved ones. The day needs to be captured and an album created so as husband and wife they will have the images of the day forever. Thirdly, (with a huge smile on her face) the band or DJ have to be the best!  If there’s a celebration there needs to be something to get people up on the dance floor and have a good time and it’s those great times that people will always remember.”

Sheilah Barnhart is the manager of Impressions Bridal, Kennesaw Georgia.

Chris Cottrell is a Professional Photographerbased in Kennesaw, near Atlanta Georgia


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