Bright, Sunny January Wedding at Juliette Chapel in Dahlonega Georgia

Zoe and Brandon got married in the middle of January at Juliette Chapel, Dahlonega. Juliette Chapel is a beautiful country, wedding venue in North Georgia, just a short drive from Atlanta. It was a gorgeous, but cool day and the sun shone the whole afternoon and into the early evening.

Bride and groom prep

Zoe and Brandon got ready in the adequate, but small bridal rooms in the adjacent reception hall, and the atmosphere was full of laaughter and excitement. Brandon and the guys took no time at all!! Zoe, her sister and best friends were being pampered by the hair and makeup artists and took the amount of time that they wanted.

First Look

The couple had decided on a first look, which I carefully orchestrated for them. It was an emotionally charged few minutes which took place outside or the reception hall and right before the ceremony.

The ceremony

The ceremony was an intimate affair in Juliette Chapel. With the late winter evening sun streaming through the large windows it could not have been more perfect! During the ceremony the officiant, Reverend James Hamp had the guests and bridal party and the photographers laughing with his quick, witty humor. It was so relaxing with all the laughter and it truly was a beautiful way of involving everyone in the ceremony.

After the ceremony

The reception was in the adjacent reception hall at the venue. They chose Juliette Chapel because because it was a little out of the city, but not too far as to make it a long drive. The ambiance with being in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the ability to totally personalise their day made it so special. It was a relaxed, but not rustic wedding, which meant people could totally have fun without the fear of breaking anything. I love shooting Juliette Chapel weddings because the surroundings are absolutely amazing. All around the buildings are great vistas and and intimate little areas to photograph the Bride, Groom and families etc.

For dinner they self catered which meant everyone got their favorites!!, which was such a great idea. The cake was amazing and created by Chef Pavla of The Bohemian Bakery. The first dance was a good old traditional wedding shuffle, and they finished off the evening with the craziest garter throw and bouquet toss!! Which made it very difficult to photograph as I was laughing so much!!

One of the most memorable parts of the day was the bride and bridesmaids outside in the chilly, January air in their little kimonos getting their photos taken, because it made everyone laugh and the photos came out so beautifully.

Imagine Your Perfect Wedding Day Photographed by Cottrell Photographers

Can you imagine the most perfect Wedding of your dreams? I have everything organized and under control, there’s no stress as I, deftly begin to document your day.

My wedding day photography packages start with a complimentary consultation that’s most often followed by an Engagement Photo Session. I really enjoy these as they allow us time to get to know each other and discuss your wedding venue and day in a more relaxed setting.

"We love all the photos! and Chris was such a fun photographer to work with. I would highly recommend him to any other couple getting married!" - Anna Cowart

I arrive early on your wedding day and by then I have usually contacted your other vendors to see if there’s anything I can help them with to make the day run smoothly. My first thing is to start in the bridal suite with getting hair, makeup shots and all the laughs as you start the day with your friends and family.

 Professional Photographer, wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, destination weddings, certified professional photographer

The groom and groomsman are my next stop and I shoot them getting ready, messing around just being guys I guess! If the situation is right I usually take them outside and get some fun, stunning photographs of him with his best friends.

Then I take a little time to shoot your wedding gown, shoes, the rings, cufflinks, flowers, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and any other details that you would like to have part of your memories of the day.

 Professional Photographer, wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, destination weddings, certified professional photographer

Back to the bridal suite to get the final touches of getting ready, getting into the dress and all the help you’ll be getting with that. I also like to document you with your Mum, sisters, close friends and really capture the love and closeness of your wedding day.

If a first look is on the cards this is where we do that part. I’ll work with you both and the event coordinator to really make this a special part of your day for you both to remember and enjoy.

 Professional Photographer, wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, destination weddings, certified professional photographer

On to the ceremony, I usually speak with the Minister or officiant before hand to make sure there are no restrictions for you. Being a very quiet and unobtrusive photographer, I quietly get all the details, rings going on to fingers, tear drops on the guests cheeks, the worried groom’s expression, First Kiss and more.


I love the first alone moments as a married couple. We’ll go off alone for about 20 minutes, catch your breath! and then we'll create some awesome portraits of you both. These images will be your first heirloom art for your new family…I love this part!!

 Professional Photographer, wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, destination weddings, certified professional photographer

"Our pictures are beyond perfect! Chris is an amazing artist/photographer. I am so pleased. They are so beautiful. Everyone loves them! Thank you." - J. Lopez

The reception and the first dances, cake cutting, speeches and bouquet toss will all be confidently photographed as the evening unfolds. I love to create different looks for your Wedding Reception guests and often work closely with the DJ or band to pull off something unique for you.

Sadly, all good things come to an end! Happily though I’ll cover you leaving through confetti storms, bubbles, sparklers, bird seeds or what ever your guests throw at you both for good luck!! I’ll end with you leaving in your vehicle.

 Professional Photographer, wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, destination weddings, certified professional photographer

Every wedding I shoot includes a professionally designed, custom wedding album and an online gallery.

There are only a certain number of weekends available for me to shoot weddings each year. As you can imagine, being one of the few PPA Certified Professional Photographers, (which means I adhere to a strict code of professional conduct ensuring satisfaction and I'm accountable to the organization at all times), as you can imagine my weekend schedule can get filled up quickly.

The next step is to click the “See if your date is available” button! It doesn't cost a penny to check. Once we have established my availability I'll put together a photography package that you'll both love because it will be uniquely you and just what you have been dreaming of for years.

Your wedding day is all about having a wonderful time with your favorite people. You don’t care about formalities, or the little things that often don’t matter – you just want to have an awesome time with your favorite people.

If this sounds like you, and you don’t think I’m a total crazy Brit (or maybe you do and you like it!) then get in touch!

Liveliest Wedding Entertainment in Chattanooga Tennessee

Bluff View Art District

Bluff View Art District, with outstanding views of the Chattanooga River makes it one of the most unique Chattanooga wedding venues. This close-to-home or destination wedding venue has a fairytale feel to it's indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces. The in-house catering is fabulous with the outstanding Bluff View Bakery and Rembrandts Coffee Shop just steps away.

With Class Wedding Entertainment

DJ Mark of With Class LLC really knows how to ge the reception hopping with guests dancing all night long!! Mark jumps right in and dances with them.

His awesome, easy-going personality really shines through as he shows the wedding guests dance steps.

Wedding Photography at the Reception

I love to create wedding reception photos that really take the viewer back to the dance floor and all the fun. I will often get on the dance floor with camera in hand and shoot from the guests perspective, often surrounded by dancers and in this case dancing right next to Mark the DJ!!

Chattanooga Wedding Venues

As of writing this I haven't photographed wedding at Tennessee RiverPlace, The Venue Chattanooga or Stratton Hall and a few others. Let me know if you have any questions - Chris

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception at Bluff View Art District with dancing guests

Wedding reception at Bluff View Art District with dancing guests

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception DJ With Class

Wedding reception at Bluff View Art District with dancing guests

Wedding reception at Bluff View Art District with dancing guests


I loved the vastness of the Omni, it's huge! I was there to shoot a wedding fashion show for Impressions Bridal. I got to see tons of wedding gowns, selfie stations, invitations and of course wedding cake bakers. My job was to photograph the behind the scenes getting ready images of the brides and the grooms and then shoot during the afternoon as they walked the runway in their beautiful outfits.

Wedding Photography

The ironic thing was that I truly felt like I was shooting a wedding and did pretty much treat the day like that, except for the runway shots. It was so funny that between the runway shows I took some of the "brides" to a quiet area In the Omni to shoot little tighter than for detail. I wanted to shoot as close to one of my real wedding photography assignments as I could and took time to shoot the dress details to perfection!

Tap on the Shoulder

I had just walked with the "Brides and Grooms" to a quiet area that was flooded with natural light from the huge windows that look to the front of the CNN building. I felt a tap on my shoulder and at almost a whisper a little voice said "Excuse me, could you possibly take some photographs of my bride?" It was the owner of Sweet Elegance Bridal. I looked around, "Of course" I replied without hesitation, and began to use the natural light flooding in from the windows. The bride looked stunning and it didn't take me more than a few minutes to get her positioned and a few instructions later we began creating some beautiful wedding-like portraits.

In the accompanying photos at the Omni CNN Atlanta are gowns from Impressions Bridal and Sweet Elegance Bridal

I haven't shot a full, "real wedding" at the Omni, but would love to if given the opportunity!

Let me know if you have any questions - Chris

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The Grand in Kennesaw is large Victorian-style wedding venue with a very intimate feel. I love shooting weddings in the lush gardens and surrounding structures. There are so many little spots to capture all the memories of your special day. Additionally, the outside ceremony spots with seating are gorgeous. I love the barn and have successfully photographed weddings from outside looking in and inside the barn also.


Conveniently located on Main Street, close to downtown Kennesaw, the Grande in Kennesaw offers lots of parking, easy access and some of the friendliest, efficient event staff around. Minutes from I-75, Kennesaw State University with lots of hotels like my favorite Embassy Suites Kennesaw which has a Ruth's Chris Steak House within the hotel.

First Look

The Grande in Kennesaw offers unprecedented opportunities for your first look! The are so many secret little places to get that first glimpse. I love planning first looks with my couples to make that special moment extra special.


In my experience it's hard to beat the dishes that they serve up! The food from main to dessert, is absolutely delicious. The staff are on the ball where dinner, cake cutting, toasts etc are concerned. They offer great packages for food options and are super accommodating when guests bring in cakes etc.


On your wedding day timing is everything and having a manageable timeline is key to everything going off without a hitch. I work closely with the Grande's staff to keep my couples weddings on schedule. Stress levels are usually non-existent with close communication between myself, (the photographer), The Grande's entertainment staff and your other vendors.

Large or small, destination or close to home wedding, the Grande in Kennesaw has a lot to offer. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Grande in Kennesaw a Victorian Style House

The Grande in Kennesaw a Victorian Style House

The Garden Swing, Groom and Pug

The Garden Swing, Groom and Pug

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony area at the Grande in Kennesaw

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony area at the Grande in Kennesaw

The Barn at the Grande in Kennesaw, Georgia

The Barn at the Grande in Kennesaw, Georgia


Recently I was thinking about a wedding I shot a few years ago. Stacy and Clint got married in Gainesville, Florida at Jolie Events, which is a beautiful venue in the middle of town, near The University of Florida. It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot and even the weather played ball on a hot midsummer afternoon with normal prone to pop up thunderstorms. 

The bride and groom prep

Stacy got ready in the onsite Bridal Suite with her family and friends, the atmosphere was so calm, probably due to Stacy’s meticulous organization. There were a few tears of happiness and  I’m sure all the change about to happen, during the prep time. She then went down the stairs and walked the short distance to get to where the ceremony was to take place. 

The guests were arriving as Clint was still getting ready with his family.  At this point, time was feeling like it was running short. Clint got ready in the on-site Grooms Suite. He travelled to the ceremony in his truck. He drove from North Carolina to marry the woman of his dreams after a long distance relationship that had been over a couple of years. Now a few years on, I feel I didn’t miss a beat even though there was a lot going on in a short space of time.

The Vows

The ceremony was an intimate affair at Jolie Events. And although fairly short in duration the ceremony was emotional and absolutely lovely. The decorations reminded me of a Greek Temple at dusk for some reason. During the ceremony, they had a beautiful reading. It was so tearfully emotional as it was read by Stacy's daughter.

The Dinner

They had their first meal together as husband and wife in the big room along with all of the guests, which was such a great idea. Personally, I liked the way they were able to see their families and friends during the meal and to interact with them also. 

Before the dancing and celebrations began I took Stacy and Clint out of the facility, around the corner to a wall of graffiti that I saw when I arrived in Gainesville and spent about 15 minutes creating some memorable photographs like this one.

The first dance was a good old traditional wedding shuffle, and they finished off the evening with a ‘last dance’  and hugs, kisses, tears laughter and every emotion you could think of all in the space of about 5 minutes!




Clint&Stacy Graffitti.jpg

Grooms and Getting Ready for Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

I thought I would spend a little time helping the guys out with this post as usually my “helpful posts” are geared more towards brides and females in general. Now I’m committed….have to think here, so here we go:


Firstly clothing, what to wear at your Engagement Photo session, you want to look nice for the woman you asked to marry you, so make sure your jeans, khakis dress pants are clean, presentable and of course fit you nicely.

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