Wedding Ring Photos at Bluff View Art District, Chattanooga TN

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day photography is shooting the rings. I shot this rings photo at Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga, Tennessee while shooting a wedding there in the late fall.

Wedding Venue

Bluff View Art District is one of the most unique Chattanooga wedding venues or anywhere in the Southeastern USA. BVAD has a fairytale feel to it's indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces. The in-house catering is fabulous with the outstanding Bluff View Bakery and Rembrandts Coffee Shop just footsteps from the unblievable views of the Chattanooga River.

The Challenge

With very little light coming through the windows on a cloudy, rainy old, late autumn day I knew it would be difficult to pull off the shot I had in mind.

I had packed a mirror tile in my photography gear before I left home for the wedding and was happy I did that. I asked the flower consultants if I could have a purple flower and a few broken petals if they had some for me. I grabbed the mirror, ran outside and held it in the rain. I went back in and placed the tile on one of the better lit window sills, arranged the flower and petals and then the rings.

Being always well prepared I brought out my tripod and set up for a creative, low-light photo. I set up for the shot and with the mindset of creating something very artsy with an Impressionistic feel to it. I hope you enjoy looking at this one as much as I did when I created it.

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