What are senior portraits?

A senior portrait is not just a photograph but a chance to capture the individuality and personality of a graduating High School Senior for all time! It gives parents an opportunity to gift their child with this treasured memory and also allows them to keep a portrait for themselves, perhaps displayed as wall art or made into an attractive coffee table album. 

Why choose us?

Benefits of choosing Cottrell for your headshot


With years of creative photography behind me I use each experience to continually build on my skill level which means amazing photos for you! 


I will not rest until you have the photographs you imagined. It’s the small touches that make such a difference.


As a Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Certified Photographer, I’m in the tiny percentage of artists who strive for this level of excellence. 


Your Senior Session

We feel that a senior portrait should be a true reflection of the graduates personality and style. Too often we see portraits with stock backdrops that do nothing to make the photographs as unique as the young subjects!  While backdrops in the studio certainly have their place we like to offer Senior Portrait sessions out on location at places that have special meaning to the graduates. Perhaps the beach or a downtown location, or even a special place in the home! It’s great to think that in the future when you look at the photographs you will remember the photo session fondly and have it be a reminder of the ending of a special era and the start of a whole new chapter.  So, you can expect to have fun at a senior portrait session! There will be lots of dialogue so that we are sure we are getting the exact images you want.

A senior portrait session can be as short as an hour to several hours, depending on what you would like. If you are happy with one or two wardrobe changes and one location then the time will obviously be much shorter than a session that includes multiple locations and wardrobe changes. 

There should be no need to retake your senior portraits. I will be able to show you glimpses of the images as we move along so you can let me know if you are liking what you see!

It is a great idea to arrive for your senior portrait session well rested and hydrated. As a general rule of thumb it’s also a good idea to have had a light meal an hour or so before so you are not hungry. The key is to be comfortable and relaxed. Try to hydrate well on the days leading up to the shoot as hydrated skin is happy skin!  It’s probably not a good idea to book facial treatments right before the session as they sometimes make the skin blotchy.

We are not going to tell you what to wear. It’s entirely up to you. We trust that by the time you reach this important milestone you have developed your style and know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. We can certainly guide you on color choices that might compliment your complexion and eye and hair color and suggest a more formal look for one or two of the photographs. For the most part though we feel that these senior portraits should reflect the person that you have become as you have reached this important stage of your life. If you want to wear a bikini on the beach because you love surfing – go for it! If you love tennis let’s take the camera to the courts! Or if you were on the swim team let’s get creative in the pool!! If you spent every weekend volunteering at the local animal shelter let’s make that a part of the experience!  So many options for wardrobe choices and we can, or course, discuss! 

It goes without saying that hair should be clean and tidy for the Senior Portrait Session.  We can certainly recommend hair stylists if you would like to make your hair look amazing for the special day. I would say though, If your normal style is understated and casual that, even if you hire a stylist, thats the look you should go for. You don’t want to look back on the photograph in the years ahead and be asking who this person is!!!! 

If you would like to get professional make up for your senior portrait session we have some great artists we can recommend. If you barely wear make up you should for sure relay that to the makeup artist though. If you are not used to wearing tons of make up and suddenly go for it for the session you will likely not  be happy with the results. While it’s often nice to be made up and feel super glamorous for the day you will likely be happier if the look is a true reflection of your normal style.

Again, just like the girls, we are not going to tell you what to wear! We will suggest colors for you after meeting you and seeing your skin tone, eye color and hair color. If you are into black and that’s your style then go for it! If you are a shorts and t-shirts kind of guy then let’s work with that. You should be comfortable, relaxed and happy so we can have fun and create some truly amazing images for you!

On the day of your session we will help you with tips on posing so you look your very best. As a general rule we will not give you instruction on this before hand as you don’t need to be worrying about which way to lean or where to look until you are actually in front of the camera. We really do pride ourselves on a relaxed and fun environment so you will not feel awkward or stiff – we promise!

Once I have edited your portraits they will be available to you through a link on our website. You have an option to have a few photographs downloaded to an App on your phone the day off or day after your session so you can quickly share with friends, on Social Media etc. 

The amount of pictures you get after your Senior Portrait session will depend on the package you choose. Generally it’s between 10-30 photographs. 

The cost of your senior session varies but we have packages to fit most budgets. The session fee generally ranges from $95-$200 depending on location and the photograph packages vary in price depending on the choices you make.

We like to suggest that seniors start to book their senior portraits once the Senior Academic Year is underway – or the summer before. There really is no correct time. If you would rather wait until you have actually graduated that’s fine too!! It is nice to have your photographs in hand before your big day as they make great gifts, framed for family members and friends. 

hris was amazing! When we first met Chris we knew he was a perfect fit.

I love my pictures – I can’t stop looking at them!. Thank you for paying so much attention to all of those little things that are so important and meaningful to us!. 

Vita & LaBron Woody

Senior Portraits

Remember this year
$ $365 / Session
  • Up to 2 hours shooting
  • Multiple wardrobe changes
  • In person image reveal/design session
  • Artwork, prints, books and digital file purchase options
  • Professionally retouched images
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