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Are Small Weddings the New Normal?

In the click of a shutter wedding has planning has taken on a whole new identity. Big weddings with large guest lists are no longer viable and may not be for the foreseeable future. However….Let’s accentuate the POSITIVE in this new wedding scene!

  •  Budget. A small wedding with a guest list of say, 10-15 of truly your closest family and friends is most definitely going to be a fraction of the cost of a big affair with a reception, meals and an open bar! With a smaller guest list you can perhaps now toy with the idea of planning your wedding at a more exclusive location with stunning back drops for your photographs. While you may have been reluctant to splash out on a great photographer now that you have saved on the cost of the reception you are able to invest in the photographer you deserve to capture your special day in intimate detail! Now perhaps you can ask your wedding photographer to capture your rehearsal dinner and your first morning walk as a married couple the day after the wedding. Or perhaps you can add a luxury album to your photography package that you can treasure forever.

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  •  Stress. Or lack of it! Speaking from experience, the most stressful part of a wedding for the bride and groom is wrangling the guests who are all vying for your attention and with the best intentions make your day way too hectic! With less people to worry about you will have a much calmer day around with will show in your wedding photographs. The timetable will be more relaxed for sure. Of course, you can still include the 100+ of your best friends and distant relatives by live streaming the whole event! Nobody needs to miss a thing thanks to modern technology. You can also hire a videographer to work alongside your wedding photographer to capture the day and have a virtual viewing cocktail party at a later date! So you’ve saved money and are less stressed so what else is a positive of the Great Shrinking Wedding?
  •  Guest List. You and your love are not going to have to think of all the people whose feelings are going to be hurt if you don’t invite them to the wedding! Here’s a tip…. Check your calls and text messages….If you have not touched base for 3 or 4 months then that person probably doesn’t need to be invited. If you come to terms with the fact that everybody you would have invited will see the event at a later date then you can really choose a small group of guests – the people that have shaped your life and memories.
  • Attention to Detail. With a little extra money in your budget you can afford to focus on choosing details that really matter to you and that will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Perhaps flowers are a passion of yours? You can incorporate them into your wedding design to create a breathtaking tiny reception. Decorating the table and place settings with flowers that complement your bouquet can be gorgeous. As can lifting the flowers up for an Ariel display so the guests can see each other while eating. A smaller guest list cries out for one, larger, communal table at the reception so that everybody is experiencing the evening together. Perhaps you could write a personal note for each place setting…. The ideas are limitless…

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  • However you decide to plan your Tiny Wedding it will be charming for sure.. By Hiring a really good, creative wedding photographer you will be able to capture this amazing day for all time. Your guests will likely be more relaxed and that intimate atmosphere cries out for great, imaginative photography. Your wedding photographer will capture the tears and laughter, the clinking of glasses and those precious moments that will become treasured memories. I really believe that the great shrinking of weddings that has occurred in 2020 is a blessing in disguise! God luck to you as you plan your BIG little day!!!
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