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Group Headshots

Elevate your professional image with our exceptional Group Headshots service. Perfect for small and large teams looking to make a strong first impression.

A World Of Difference

Are your group headshots lacking in personality?

Maybe they’re really not on brand or not getting enough engagement. You want to show your team off at their very best. No matter the size of your business, I’ll help you ensure your team gets the recognition they deserve.

The world moves fast. Don’t get left behind.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career or move the needle in your business, the time is now.

To find out what kind of headshots you and your team need and how much they cost is as easy as 1,2,3.

Click the “Get a Quote” button, answer a few questions & submit. I promise you we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Our latest professional group headshots

Online Profiles

We all know how vital a strong online presence is in today’s world. For us, Group headshots are the cornerstone of our professional profiles. They’re not just pictures; they tell our story.

A well-crafted headshot will speak volumes before we even say a word. It showcases our professionalism and aligns with the ethos of our company. At Cottrell Photographers we ensure that every client gets a headshot that reflects their best self.

Man smiling for a group headshot in a suit and tie
posing lady smiling for a company group headshot

First Impressions

The saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This rings especially true in the Group world where every detail matters. Our Group headshots are designed to consistently make that impact count.

From the lighting to the camera angle, everything is meticulously planned and precision driven. We want anyone who sees our photos to instantly recognize our commitment and dedication excellence.

Professionalism Embodied

Group headshots are more than just photos; they embody professionalism and company values. They send out a clear message about who we are and what we stand for as an organization.

Through these images, you will connect with clients, partners, and colleagues on another level. It’s essential for fostering trust and building relationships in any business setting.

Headshots for a group of 40+ attorneys & he worked tirelessly!

Byant Miller Olive -Team Headshots

I hired Chris to take headshots for the law firm where I serve as COO. Chris was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He helped plan & coordinate headshots for a group of 40+ attorneys & he worked tirelessly during our 3-day event. Chris has a great personality, he worked with every individual with enthusiasm & respect.

Chris also had a quick turnaround for the digital files & was very responsive to any questions we had in the post-production process. We had a wonderful experience.


What My Other Clients Say about Cottrell Photographers

What Are Group or Team Headshots?

Group or Team Headshots are professional photographs aimed at capturing the essence and professionalism of a team or company. These high-quality images are essential for enhancing your Group identity, enriching marketing materials, and supporting the Group brand as well as the personal brand of your team members

Team Unity

A Group headshot is a powerful way to showcase your team’s unity and strength. These photos bring us closer, creating an image of solidarity that speaks volumes to clients and partners alike.

In these shots, you stand shoulder to shoulder, sometimes with smiles, other times with professional gazes. But always, there’s an unspoken bond that shines through. It tells a story of teamwork, dedication, and shared goals. This visual representation becomes the cornerstone of your brand’s narrative.

Smiling Legacy Roofers manager in corporate headshots
Professional Team Headshots: Local Medical Staff in White Coats

Brand Identity

Consistency in imagery is key to enhancing your brand identity. Group headshots serve this purpose perfectly. They’re not just pictures; they’re statements of who you are as a company.

On websites and promotional materials, these headshots introduce you before words do. They set the tone for what clients can expect when working with you: professionalism combined with approachability. Group Headshots:

  • Create a cohesive look across all marketing channels.
  • Help customers connect faces to the name of your company.
  • Strengthen internal morale by highlighting every team member’s importance.

Through carefully chosen attire and poses that reflect your values and culture, each headshot is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and what makes your business unique in the market.

Our Group Headshot Services

Team Headshots

We understand the importance of capturing your collective expertise. Through team headshots, we showcase your unity and professionalism. These photos are more than just pictures; they’re a testament to your collaborative spirit.

Team headshots foster a sense of belonging among your team. We see it as an opportunity for team recognition, especially in industry publications where showcasing your strength is key.

Group Photos

Group photos highlight the scale of your organization brilliantly. They demonstrate the diversity within your team, which you take great pride in. It’s perfect for use in annual reports and marketing collateral, showing off who you are to the world.

Seeing everyone together in one cohesive shot also reminds everyone of how diverse yet unified you are as a company.

Onboarding Headshots

Welcoming new members visually will streamline their integration into your family. The onboarding headshot personalizes their welcome, making them feel part of something bigger from day one.

This approach not only makes new employees feel valued but also aligns with existing digital assets seamlessly.

Lifestyle Photography

Telling the story of your company’s culture through photography engages with any potential clients uniquely. Behind-the-scenes looks give insight into what drives your business and how you operate daily, strengthening business branding significantly for lead generation purposes.

It’s about painting a picture that resonates with both current and future clients alike.

Group and Corporate
Headshots Price Ranges

All photo sessions include:

  • Photos are supplied ready to post to your website or social media
  • Images are also supplied in “Print” format
You may like to add:
  • Additional backdrops for different looks
  • Branding Photography
  • Environmental Photography (images within our workplace)

Small team

1 – 10 Team Members
Starts from $625

  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • Planning Meeting (Zoom)
  • On-location at your office*
  • 10-15 minutes with each person

* Or location of your choice

Medium team

11 – 20 Team Members
Starts from $1,595

  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • Planning Meeting (Zoom)
  • On-location at your office*
  • 10-15 minutes with each person

* Or location of your choice

Large team

21 – 50 Team Members
Starts from $2,595

  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • Planning Meeting (Zoom)
  • On-location at your office*
  • 10-15 minutes with each person

* Or location of your choice

Why Choose Cottrell Photographers as Group Headshot Professionals

Expertise in Group Imaging

At Cottrell Photographers we specialize in creating a cohesive visual identity for your company. Chris understands the unique imaging needs across different industries. Therefore, we can deliver high-quality Group photographs that stand out from the competition.

Our experience ensures that your company’s visual branding is consistent and professional. We know how to make every shot count!

1. Customized Sessions for Group Branding

We align our photography style with your brand’s identity. During consultations, we’ll dive deep into your brand values and messaging. This helps us create images that resonate with your target audience.

Every session is tailored to reflect your brand’s personality. At Cottrell Photographers our goal is to produce group headshots that speak directly to those you wish to attract.

2. On-Site Photography Services

Bringing our professional studio setup to you minimizes disruption. It’s perfect for capturing large teams efficiently and conveniently.

This service proves especially useful when time is of the essence or logistics are complex.

3. Digital Retouching and Image Enhancement

Our retouching techniques aim for natural-looking results while removing any distractions from the shots.

The final photos resemble those seen in magazines, ready for publication on any platform including company websites or marketing materials.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

We start by listening to you. During the initial consultation, we focus on understanding your needs and objectives for your Group headshots. This step is crucial for us to tailor our services specifically to meet your expectations.

By discussing your vision, we gain insights into what makes your brand unique. We consider this knowledge essential in capturing the essence of your team members. This personalized approach ensures that the final images align with your company’s identity.

Planning Stage

From concept to execution, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure a smooth experience. We select locations, decide on themes, and plan the logistics down to every detail.

  • Choosing the right setting
  • Deciding on attire
  • Scheduling sessions for each team member

This meticulous preparation guarantees that shoot day goes off without a hitch.

Post-Shoot Review

After the shoot, we conduct a post-shoot review with you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We present the photographs and welcome any feedback or revisions you may have.

This stage allows us to fine-tune images until they perfectly represent your brand’s ethos. It’s all about ensuring that you are delighted with the end product.

Corporate Headshot Photography

A modern professional headshot is an investment in yourself and your business that is bound to yield exceptional results. We will work together to create a look that you love resulting in warm, approachable images that will work for you 24/7/365!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we can come to you! Our team is fully equipped and ready to set up a professional studio at your workplace. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our studio if that suits you better.

Scheduling is a breeze. Simply click on any of the “Book Your Call” buttons, from here you can pick a suitable date and time. Alternatively drop us a call or email, and we’ll find a time that fits perfectly with your team’s schedule. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

No worries at all! Just give us an estimate when booking, and we can adjust on the day. Our flexible approach means we’re prepared for any last-minute additions or changes.

Because at Cottrell Photographers we photograph and capture with an eye for detail. With state-of-the-art equipment and a knack for making people feel at ease, our shots reflect the best of each individual.

Yes, indeed! Our streamlined and proven process involves consultation, setup (either at your site or ours), shooting with guidance on poses and expressions, quick editing turnaround times, and delivery of high-quality images suitable for all Group needs.

While it’s always best to book in advance due to demand, don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it feels last minute – we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your needs because life happens!

Our pricing is competitive while reflecting the premium quality of work delivered. Options vary based on location (yours or ours), number of individuals being photographed, and specific requirements but rest assured – there’s something perfect for every budget.