Families can be small or large, nuclear or extended and family photograph ideas have no limitations! I can arrange family photography outdoor sessions at a destination special to you or we can go for a polished studio look – or both!     The most charming and loved family portraits are those that combine aesthetically pleasing and authentic. While we might be wowed with the perfectly posed, squeaky clean family portraits we see on social media that style might not capture the charm and individuality of your family.    One thing is a given, we can help you with your family photograph poses and absolutely guarantee you will have a good time!

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Chris Cottrell Photographer

Chris Cottrell

Chris Cottrell is a Jacksonville, Florida based professional portrait photographer. He obtained a Graphic Arts Degree from Brunel Technical College in the United Kingdom and he has been practicing the art of photography professionally for over 25 years. His experience ensures you receive the beautiful images you are seeking.