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My Flash and Dash special photo sessions are for individuals looking for one, quick professional headshot.

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“My New Photos Left a Great First Impression! I’ve Been Hired.” – John C.

One morning early in January my online booking system pinged to let me know that a new client had booked a headshot photo session. A few minutes later I looked at the notice which read ‘John Coban has booked a Professional Headshot Photo Session’ along with the day and time and a note from John. 

I’ve been told by clients, including John, many times that our online booking system is so easy to use and as they are busy with work, family and other activities they appreciate the time savings the system offered them.

A few days later, as I always do, I called Entrepreneur and Real Estate Professional John for a short pre-session chat to go over his objectives. We discussed the looks, backdrops and more to make sure our photo session together would run efficiently and we could get exactly what John needed to help further his career with an object of getting hired by one of the top Real Estate firms in the area.

John arrived a few minutes early and was clearly well prepared for his photo session. I showed him to the large bathroom we use for client wardrobe changing, hair and makeup and I went on to the studio to make a few last minute adjustments before we started our light checks (make sure everything was setup perfectly for the client). 

We decided to start with the business formal looks and then move into business casual and then finishing up with the casual looks. I had setup a dark-gray, textured backdrop, one of many backdrops we have, to start the formal looking business portraits. The light checks as they usually do went really well and we began the photo session. After a few frames were shot, We stopped to review the look, adjusted his tie and smoothed out his shirt a little. At this point I instructed John how to pose for a profession headshot and began coaching a natural expression out of him. At the end of this section John and I reviewed what we had created and I remember John saying “Wow…these are really good, I’m not sure which ones Chris” I replied “no worries John, I’m here to help you.”

I help my clients choose which photos are the one they absolutely love and would like retouched by explaining what I see in the image, how the viewer might perceive the image and most importantly the answer to the question – Does the headshot connect quickly with the viewer? My goal is always to create headshots, portraits and branding photos that make my clients look their very best. I believe that business and career photography should make you look confident, intelligent, an authority and approachable. 

So, back to John’s photo session. We went through the list of looks with backdrop changes and reviewed the images and noted John’s favorites at the end of each look. When we called it a wrap we reviewed all of the images just to confirm the selections and make sure we hadn’t missed any.  

About a week after I had sent over the fully, professionally retouched digital photos to John I got a message rom him “Chris, my new photos left a great first impression! I was hired on at Berkshire Hathaway” (one of the top local and national real estate firms). I love hearing about my clients successes and I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is for me to think that their new headshots made someone stop, look and take the next step. If I put myself in the viewers seat I’m sure they take my clients seriously after all they invested the time and effort into getting professional photography. 

John went on a day or so later to leave my a really nice 5 Star Google Review:

“Chris was efficient and has a great sense of personal branding. His passion and expertise is why I would use him again for any professional photos I need taken in the future.” 

  • John C. – Ponte Vedra Beach FL

As in John’s case, professional headshots can be and are part of personal branding and more importantly your brand. When we talk about personal branding what were are taking about is developing a unique and consistent brand that highlights your strengths, skills and experience through photos. I feel that professionally shot and retouched career and business photos gives the person a huge advantage when being viewed by prospective new clients or employers. 

If you are considering either updating or getting professional headshots for the first time and have questions please feel free to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation phone call. I would love to learn about you and your goals and I’ll be happy to offer suggestions and share my knowledge and photography experience with you. 

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