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How Do You Want Your Professional Headshot to Be Perceived?

Every client has a different objective when getting their headshot taken. A pre-photo session consultation, which is complimentary, is critical to understanding what the marketing or branding goals are for my prospective clients. Additionally, I think it’s important to take time to ask discovery questions of existing clients, after all our objectives do change.

I had the opportunity to help Edelmary Narvaez with her business portraits recently. After going through the discovery and looking at the options we agreed on a style and look. During the photo session I suggested a slight change in the lighting pattern. In post capture editing I decided to crop Edelmary’s photos a little tighter than I would normally for social media purposes. Conveying an intelligent, caring and amiable young executive was the goal. What do think, did we achieve the objective? Is your current business portrait inline with your branding and marketing objectives?

Message me with your questions, have a great week – Chris

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