When we think about our online profiles, particularly for business and careers, the professional headshot is a representation of you for all to see. Making the right first impression has always been important but it is critical in the media driven world we live in today.

It can be a little confusing to know how to dress for your professional headshot session so I’m going to share a few tips with you. It goes without saying how important it is  to choose a headshot photographer who will listen to your needs and guide you in your wardrobe and background choices.

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First, the Ladies! Depending on your career of course, a well tailored suit is classic and never goes out of style. Plain colors work well and you can most definitely add a little of your personality with the shirt or top you choose to wear underneath your suit! You can use different colored shirts and sweaters to obtain totally different looks in one sitting. Be aware that if you are choosing tower a dark suit it should be clean and free of hair! It’s fine to choose some lovely jewelry to accentuate your clothes but try to keep the style understated. Some classic pearls or gold stud earrings are great choices.

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Gentlemen, choosing a classic, well fitting suit is almost always appropriate. We recommend dark blues or grays over wide, bright stripes as the solid colors always work well as a foundation for the look you are going for.  I’m often asked whether a tie is necessary in your professional headshot. I say, if you wear a tie at work in any capacity, even just for meetings, you should consider having one or two headshots with ties for your professional portfolio, to use as needed.  Often a pale shirt with complementing darker tie works well but I’m happy to discuss your choices with you!

So, in summary, It’s best to try and wear clothes that are not bulky or baggy and that fit you well. You should be comfortable and strive for a look that reflects your personality and conveys the desired image to your potential audience. Try to avoid loud patterns and bold colors. Always reach out to your Professional Headshot Photographer for advice – we have lots of experience and are only too happy to help!

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Chris Cottrell

Chris Cottrell is a Jacksonville, Florida based professional portrait photographer. He obtained a Graphic Arts Degree from Brunel Technical College in the United Kingdom and he has been practicing the art of photography professionally for over 25 years. His experience ensures you receive the beautiful images you are seeking.