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Precision Driven Professional Headshots located In Ponte Vedra Beach & Jacksonville, FL

Local business executive smiling and looking at camera for professional headshot . Wearing a ark jacket, white dress shirt and white, black and orange tie for a formal professional portrait.
Business Executive looking at camera and smiling for a formal professional headshot


Young female executive looking at camera an smiling for professional headshots. Wearing a black top, beige jacket and long dark, blonde hair tied back. Set against a dark grey backdrop under studio lighting.

Not achieving your goals? You may have an image problem...

Are your online profile images holding you back from achieving your goals? You’re not alone. In today’s online world, they’re your calling card.

They’re the first impression you give.You might be feeling like you’re constantly being passed over for promotions, your resume isn’t getting noticed.

Or, maybe your business isn’t getting the visibility it deserves & needs…

You want to do this properly, with a professional who will listen to your personal and professional objectives.

But where to start?

There are stacks of photographers out there, but you know you need someone who’s going to take time with you to help you feel at ease during the shoot.

You want someone that’s going to understand all of this, but who’ll also spend time understanding what you want to get out of the session & what you’re hoping to achieve by getting your photos taken.

This is an investment, & you want to get it right. So, you’re going to need a bit of help…

Brands Who Trust Cottrell Photographers


When you decide to hire a professional photographer, you’re making an investment in yourself. You’re taking yourself and/or your business seriously. You deserve to work with someone who understands that.

You should expect to work with a photographer who understands the importance of attention to detail. Someone who won’t let the little things slide. Someone who will prepare you before the shoot by providing expert styling advice, who’ll take the time during the photo session to ensure that you’re comfortable & happy & that your body language is right.

You’ll want someone who understands that your headshots need to work for you and that they are there to serve a purpose. Otherwise, they’re just a set of pretty pictures. You want a better online profile. You want a good photo to put with your job applications. You want better business imagery that’s going to draw in your dream clients. There’s always an objective. Your photographer’s goal should always be to exceed your expectations.

When you invest in accredited, professional photography you’re making a real, noticeable investment in yourself.

When you do that, other people see this too & you start seeing the results.

  • Build trust & credibility in yourself and your brand
  • Create the impression you want to make
  • Boost your confidence & your motivation
  • Demonstrate your professionalism and commitment
  • Get results, achieve your goals

Revive Your Image in 3 Easy Steps

Book a Session

Start by scheduling your professional headshot or branding photo session with Cottrell Photographers using our easy online scheduler. Simply select the service you need, choose a convenient day and time, and either select a Zoom consultation or book a session.

Get Prepared!

Once you’ve scheduled your session, we’ll send you a complimentary video conference call invitation. During the call, we’ll discuss wardrobe, colors, looks, and lots more to ensure we capture the very best photos. Photos that you’ll not only love but you’ll also use online everywhere.

Your Session

Don’t worry if you’re camera-shy, I’ll provide you with straightforward advice on how to get the right look for your photographs. During and after the photo session, we’ll have a lot of fun together creating top-notch headshots. Your retouched headshots will be completed within 72 hours and ready to post online. No surprises – only great headshots.

"Today I learned a lot...

professional headshots updated - J 2739jc
Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure.

His attention to detail, extensive knowledge, and experience were invaluable. He explains every pose and what they mean to the viewer.Today I learned a lot.Thank you for making me look and feel my best, Chris. Can’t wait to work together again soon.

Jay Cortes

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Business executive looking at camera for professional headshots. Set against a black backdrop under Peter Hurley style lighting by Chris Cottrel. Wearing light blue dress shirt and beige sports jacket for a business casual look. l
Headshots from $275
Local medical team photo. Wearing white coats and smiling for team headshots. Set against a dark grey backdrop under on location studio lighting.
Group Headshots from $625
Personal Branding from $825

I'm Chris

If you’re looking for a photographer who’s going to take time to get to know you & who genuinely cares about what you want to achieve, you’re in the right place. I get a thrill every time I hear a client tell me they “got the job” or that their brand started getting enquiries that they’d never dreamt of. Making a difference to you is at the heart of what I do. I truly believe that when you make the decision to book a photographer, it’s because you’ve decided that something needs to change. I believe in taking time with you, both before the photoshoot & during – we both want you to be comfortable, happy & confident, whether it’s a…

  • headshot
  • team headshots or
  • family portraits

It honestly does come out in your final pictures. As a Certified Professional Photographer, I know what I am doing. I have over 20 years of corporate photography experience.

Chris wearing a dark blue tee shirt and looking at camera for portrait. Set against a black background under studio lighting.
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Successful headshot & branding photography
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Successful Headshot & Branding Photography

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Successful headshot & branding photography