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Image is everything on-line! And you only have one chance to make a great first impression. You’ll love the Professional Headshots that I create and you’ll be proud to use them. Don’t settle for just a photo! Prospective customers, clients or employers are looking and will connect or not with your image – make the very best first impressions with a Cottrell Photographers Professional Headshot.

More than just a photo

When you hire me to photograph you or your staff, I will do it in a way that will give brand “You” an edge. Creative lighting, expression coaching, posing, professional retouching along with wardrobe and branding advice are some of the things that make my photography work successfully for my clients.

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Chris made a daunting process fun and easy!

Chris is an amazing photographer. He did professional head shots for me. He responded quickly to any questions. He made a daunting process fun and easy and the pictures turned out great. We will be scheduling family photos with him.

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Basics Of Headshot Photography

What is a Headshot Photo?

In our online world where people make a decision based on what they see, headshot photography is more important than ever. A headshot photo, professional headshot, or business portrait is a visual representation of someone. Nowadays the images are often in a digital format ready to be posted up online as well as printed.

What are Professional Headshots Used For?

The objective and what my clients expect from their professional headshots varies from person to person. Great professional headshots are used to brand and market individuals as well as companies. Corporate headshots and business portraits are a great way to put a face to businesses through websites, social media, email signatures, and professional memberships. Additionally, a world-class professional headshot will help make new connections, gain new followers, and open new opportunities.

What Makes a Great Headshot?

A great headshot must firstly, connect with the viewer. Professionally photographed headshots should be in focus, correctly lit, and composed to give the viewer a favorable impression of the person they are looking at. Aside of revealing a little about the person, a great headshot should promote confidence, approachability, and an inviting personality.

What Should a Headshot Look Like?

An experienced professional portrait photographer can light, compose, and retouch headshots that clients love, use, and get a good return on their investment from. Good headshots should have depth – an almost three-dimensional look to them – that’s when lighting and experience are critical to getting a great professional headshot. This is important for actor headshots when the headshot image needs to clearly show ability and expressive looks.

Oftentimes, shooting with a wide aperture during photography sessions creates a softer look to the skin while holding the sharpness that defines a great professional headshot. Light sources are important particularly when outdoors, or when using supplemental light on location.

The catchlights in the eyes of the subject are very important as they give the person a very natural look that gives the image life.

Where to Get Professional Headshots Taken?

Professional Headshots can be taken at my studio, at my client’s office, or on location to give a more natural, outdoors feel to the images. Some of my clients like to get more of a workplace look and I can bring in my lights, reflectors, and backdrops to their location to create portraits of them in their work environment.

Professional headshots and personal branding photos can be shot on location, such as in an area where there is a famous local landmark. This will promote a strong sense of being part of the community as well as having longevity if the landmark is old.

Studio headshots are the most popular but shooting in a controlled environment, outdoors in a park, alongside the river, or with the ocean as a backdrop, can also be very effective in conveying a sense of being part of the business community.

How to Pose for a Headshot

Whether in the studio or outside in natural light, getting the best from a professional headshot is often down to how the photographer poses the client. The way I light and position a client is gender specific. There are ways to light and instruct a client to get a more masculine look as well as methods for female clients who require softer, feminine lighting and posing. We are all unique and having a complete understanding of how light, shadows, lenses, camera settings, and editing will affect the final image and is critical to creating headshots that work 24/7/365!

How Much Do Headshots Cost?

The cost of a headshot or investment in a headshot is small compared with the return. Typically, a headshot session runs around $275 with each retouched photo being $65. At the end of the photo session, clients choose the images they would like me to edit. This ensures that clients have photos they love, and are in control of the whole process as opposed to being locked into a specific package. One of the best headshot photography tips I can give is to pack as many wardrobe changes into your photo session as you can! You’ll have a lot more variety and selection plus you’ll get more value out of your session by creating a small library of headshot images you can use online or in print.

Pricing Plans

Professional Headshot Photography 

Pro Headshots

For Individuals
$ $275 / Session
  • Pre Session Video Consultation
  • Up to 90 minutes Shooting
  • Unlimited Wardrobe Changes
  • Choice of Backgrounds (determined before photo session)
  • Post Session Consultation for Image Selection
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Fully Retouched High Res Photos $75 each

Staff Headshots

For Groups
$ Custom rate quote
  • At Your Location
  • Pre Session Consultation to Discuss your Objectives
  • 100% Studio Photo Session Experience
  • Individual Attention With Each Employee
  • Wardrobe Changes/Background Choices
  • Ongoing image selection after each staff member
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

What My Clients Say...

Business Headshot Photography

A modern professional headshot is an investment in yourself and your business that is bound to yield exceptional results. We will work together to create a look that you love resulting in warm, approachable images that will work for you 24/7/365!