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Elevate Your Brand in 2024 with Powerful Professional Portraits…

*Professional headshots had a massive 76% increase in how “competent” each participant looked! 

“It’s so rewarding to hear back from clients telling me they got the interview, job or promotion, or business is booming. Sometimes I see their successes in announcements on LinkedIn and I know their new professional headshots or branding photos are working for them day and night.”

– Chris Cottrell, Photographer  

Chris Cottrell, Professional Headshot and Brand Photographer at Cottrell Photographers here. As a photographer and visual storyteller I’m pretty passionate about branding! In this article I want to talk about something critical in today’s digital landscape:

You and your personal brand.

Professional Photography That Makes you Standout!

When you think about it. We live in an age where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, standing out matters more than ever. Whether you’re looking for a new career, a promotion, new employees or new clients/customers for your business –  trust me, an old photo or worst yet a blurry selfie on your website, social media or resume (CV) just won’t cut it anymore because expect more and they will scroll on to the next person or provider. 

That’s where professional headshots and personal branding photography come in. These aren’t just photos; they’re strategic tools that capture your essence, connect with your audience, and amplify your brand story. Professionally shot, lit and retouched business portraits will connect easily with the viewer. A set of professionally photographed and retouched headshots or branding photos will make you look confident, intelligent, approachable and as my clients often tell me, they get results!

Real Client Testimonial

“Chris has an amazing ability to understand exactly what’s needed for any industry or situation. He paid attention to the smallest details, ensuring everything from the lighting to the colors was spot on. The headshot wasn’t just a photo, but a reflection of my professional image and personality.” 

Nick A.

*You are 7x more likely to be found if you have a professional profile photo

You can Control the Narrative

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the big names – celebrities, business leaders, influencers, even well established brands. They fully understand the power of high-quality, intentional images and not only leverage them consistently, but also masterfully. They control their public facing images, the face of their brand and so can you.

Here’s the reality: you might not have a big PR team, but you have the power to shape how you and your business are perceived. Positive, professional photography is your key to making a great and lasting first impression that resonates with your ideal clients or future employer. Investing in a set of professional headshots or branding photos really shows how serious you are about your career or business and the viewing public, recruiters and prospects understand this.

Real Client Testimonial

“Chris takes the time to discuss your personal endeavors, dress choices, and career goals to create the perfect narrative for your headshot. He individualizes the process to ensure he meets the client’s expectations and pays very close attention to details highlighting your best features. I cannot recommend him enough.”

– Traci J.

People Buy From People

Branding goes beyond logos. It’s about emotions, trust and building that all-important connection. Your photos should reflect your values, personality, and expertise. Remember, people buy from people they like and connect with. Be authentic, be approachable, and showcase your unique brilliance.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? That’s where I come in. At Cottrell Photographers, we don’t just take photos; we craft strategic visual narratives that tell your story and captivate your audience.

Schedule a session today and let’s collaborate on creating powerful visuals that elevate your brand and propel your success. Remember, your image is your story. Make it a masterpiece.


Common Headshot and Branding Photography Myths:

Why Hire a Professional Headshot Photographer?

Forget blurry selfies and awkward angles! Snapping a headshot on your phone might seem convenient, but trust me, your online presence deserves better. To truly own your professional space, forget the DIY route and invest in a headshot session with a pro. Why? Because even the fanciest camera wielded by a well-meaning friend can’t capture the magic of a photographer who lives and breathes headshots and branding. They know how to sculpt flattering light, coax out your natural confidence, and frame a shot that commands attention. It’s not just about equipment, it’s about expertise. So, skip the gamble and elevate your online image with a photographer who knows how to make you shine. Trust me, the difference will be as clear as a crisp headshot versus a grainy phone snap.

Headshots Don’t Need Personality

Forget the myth that headshots are personality vacuums! In today’s crowded online landscape, where thousands of profiles scream for attention, your headshot needs to sing your unique tune. It’s your visual introduction, the first impression before someone dives into your skills. A good local photographer isn’t just a camera jockey; they’re a personality sculptor, using light and lens to capture your spark, your confidence, your you. They’ll craft scroll-stopping shots that don’t just get seen, they get remembered. Imagine your headshot being the reason someone says, “Whoa, wait, I need to know more about this person!” Ready to ditch the generic and unleash your authentic self? Find a local pro who speaks your visual language and get ready to stand out from the crowd.

You’re Not Photogenic!

Throw the “not photogenic” label in the trash! It could be holding you back from a professional headshot that could launch your career into the stratosphere. The truth? You haven’t found the right photographer yet. Imagine: expert posing guidance, personalized expression coaching, and lighting magic transforming you into an eye-catching, industry-dominating force. No more hiding behind blurred selfies. It’s time to own your image and own your success. Schedule your professional headshot session today!

My Existing Headshots are Fine – You know they’re not!

Time for a Refresh? Ditch the Outdated Headshot, Own Your Current Shine!

Remember those headshots from three years ago? Yeah, they might as well be relics from a bygone era. Not only do trends evolve, but you’ve grown, evolved, and transformed in to an experienced, confident person! Shouldn’t your online images reflect that?

Think: vibrant lighting, confident poses, and a smile that captures your current spark. A skilled headshot photographer isn’t just a camera operator, they’re a magician of authenticity. They’ll draw out your best self, the one that commands attention and screams success.

But wait, there’s more! Unsure if a headshot session is your next power move? Let’s chat! I’m an experienced and trusted local professional photographer! I’ll answer your questions, alleviate any concerns, help you with wardrobe selection and guide you towards owning your online presence with confidence.

Additionally: I understand that sometimes professional photography isn’t in the budget and some may look for inexpensive photographers to get new headshots, that said it’s good to remember a few things. 

  • Look for a photographer who specializes in professional headshots
  • Make sure you communicate your objectives with them
  • Plan your wardrobe and looks
  • Check that the photographer has lots of “professional” backdrop choices
  • Peruse their on-line portfolio and social media posts determine if they are right for you or your business 

P.S. Check out my blog post on “Corporate Headshots That Enhance Your Brand in 2024” for even more tips!

*Based on a 2019 study by a San Francisco based portrait studio. 


Please feel free to message me or book a free 15 minute consultation if you have questions or concerns about getting your professional headshot, corporate headshots, environmental or personal branding photos taken.

Chris Cottrell, Photographer

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