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Group Headshots That Help To Attract New Clients!

I’m sure that businesses, large and small agree that our audiences would prefer to invest in a human rather than a company. It’s no coincidence that brands/organizations that introduce themselves early on through excellent professional headshots are among the most successful.

Top quality Jacksonville corporate headshot photography with ease! At Cottrell Photographers we have a track record of consistently creating high-quality group and individual business portraits. Our streamline, digital process, efficiently gets your people photographed and back to work with minimal disruption and maximum results! Our attention to every detail when shooting your Professional Headshots ensures top quality headshots with a huge return on your investment, plus you’ll have happy staff members and images you and your clients will love!  

Cottrell Photographers process from the initial call to the final delivery of your team portraits has been designed to be efficient, accurate and deliver the highest quality. Either in the studio or at your location we have a large selection of modern and traditional backdrops, cutting edge lighting techniques and the latest in digital photography technology ensures we meet your marketing objectives every time.  Shooting tethered to computers means you get to see and choose the images you would like to have retouched immediately, saving time, money and getting your new Professional Headshots to you ready to post up as quickly as possible. 

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Post photo session we retouch all of your selected images in-house!  Using the latest software and professional photography retouching techniques we will remove blemishes, balance color, remove fly away hair, soften skin, reduce red skin and minimize lines and wrinkles. Delivering the most natural looking, best version of you and your staff is always our goal.

Allowing the right amount of time with each employee to ensure we capture the best version of them is one of the ways Cottrell Photographers maintain high quality business portraits. Working closely with HR or Marketing we can work with your schedule to keep the photo sessions on track and running smoothly. 

Consistency with your headshots across multiple office locations wherever you are located is an important consideration. Using portable backdrops, reflectors with tested and repeatable lighting patterns we can ensure consistent looks from every location.

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Optional hair and makeup services through local stylists and makeup artists is available. Your Professional Headshots will often be the first impression you proffer to prospective clients, or customers. With this in mind staff members may want to touch up makeup and hair to be prepared to look their absolute best! Professional stylists and makeup artists can help cover the blemishes, balance skin tones, suggest hairstyle adjustments and more which will help to make them look and feel their absolute best!

Team Photos are a great option! Adding team photos to public facing and internal websites, social media and lobby photos is a great way to increase brand awareness, put a face to the company and connect with your existing and future customers. Cottrell Photographers can organize and shoot team photos on the same day as their professional headshot photo session or as a stand-alone photo session.  

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