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“My professional profile will now match my capabilities and experience” 

Like many people I love my work! It’s always so nice to meet new clients who share with me their love for their profession and what they do. A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew E from Gainesville, Florida. Andrew noted that he was looking for the best professional headshot photographer in Jacksonville as he works in the area frequently. 

The photo session in my Ponte Vedra Beach photo studio went according to our plans. We had 3 or 4 different looks for different media and different objectives on our shot list which we methodically worked through. During our conversations while shooting and afterwards in a questionnaire Andrew shared a few points which I thought might be helpful for people in a similar situation who are looking for an experienced professional headshot photographer.  

It’s so rewarding to see my clients super excited to see their final selection of their new professional headshots when their photo session is ending. What’s equally as rewarding for me is to hear of their successes after posting up their new headshots. Andrew shared with me: 


“Previously I had an outdoor headshot done with a “professional” photographer. Image quality was low, lighting was inadequate, and a “filter” was applied. Overall results just were adequate for a “photo” but not for building a personal brand or first impressions”.

Andrew E.


With so much business and many careers evolving from online research it’s more important than ever that people and businesses have 100% confidence in the images they use to promote themselves. Whether its a team member photo for a website or an individual headshot for someone looking for the perfect new job, we have to be confident in the images of ourselves and that they reach and exceed our objectives. I often hear from new clients, the words Andrew shared:

“The old photos made me feel less professional and unprepared to start applying for new roles with new companies”.  

When we talk about “great headshots” it often comes down to the little details that the professional photographer can add. To create world class professional headshots in the Jacksonville area photographed by one of the best headshot photographers in the USA that are scroll resistant takes lots of small adjustments in lighting, posing and retouching. Having the right equipment for taking business portraits is one of the top priorities, but the equipment alone won’t create a great headshot. The intangible things are the professional photographer’s ability to light and pose which can takes years to learn, plus how quickly does the client feel comfortable in front of the camera. These intangibles are often impossible to teach and like most creative pursuits the intangibles are in the artists/photographers demeanor. One of the things Andrew notes about me in his comments is:

“You paid attention to the fundamentals of what type of photos I needed and focused on getting the look right to achieve those goals. Your attention to lighting, color, and controllable variables like glare gave me confidence that less would be needed in touch up to have great photos”.   

I know from my own professional headshots and personal branding images what a positive first impression can do. But, I often think that people who seem to miss opportunities haven’t taken time to look and invest in top quality professional headshots and branding photos. Andrew was clearly aware of what a world-class headshot could do for his career as he notes. 

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”During the session, after seeing the lighting adjustment take out shadows and glare I felt really confident we could get good shots. I recently applied to a job where I could see they received over 250 applicants and the hiring manager had a phenomenal headshot. I’m sure my previous headshots likely weeded me out real fast. I’ll let you know if I get calls on ones like this in the future as it will certainly be because of headshots opening that door for a conversation”.

Which leads me into and begs the question, have you thought about why you are missing out on new job opportunities? Or, is your business is being overlooked time and time again because of a lack of authentic, top quality team headshots and branding photos? Sometimes the smallest changes can yield the best results. The days of posting up a photo clipped from another photo or a phone photo or worse yet no photo are over! People want to see who you are and if its a good first impression they will most likely take the next step.

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As I said earlier in this story, it’s very rewarding to hear of my clients successes. For me it’s important that I fully understand my clients objectives and create professional headshots that are positioned correctly, get noticed and get results. After all, the cost of new headshots is so small compared to the bigger picture – your career or business success. 

There really is no price to put on the confidence my clients feel when they see their new headshots and post them to profiles, add to job application, websites or use as part of content creation. When all is said and done, getting a professional headshot or set of personal or business branding images that you love and use will help you get the results you dreamed of. Andrew also noted:

“I’m excited to share more content and seeking out new opportunities. I feel like my professional profile will now match my capabilities and experience”.

Creating eye-catching, artfully lit, composed and retouched business portraits is what I love to do! I believe that everyone should have a great set of headshots to help convey who they are – their brand and see opportunities and success like I see my clients finding.

If you need to get a new set of professional headshots but have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or schedule a call I’m always happy to help. 

Chris Cottrell, Professional Headshot Photographer

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