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Why Not Take Your Professional Headshot Outside!

When you think about a professional headshot its probably a studio photograph with a plain white or black background. Nothing wrong with those! Hopefully the lighting is great and they will work well for you in today’s social media driven world. But how does this type of shot make you stand out from the crowd? It may or may not but with a Professional Headshot taken in the great outdoors you have a greater chance of obtaining a unique shot that highlights your personality with a stunning natural backdrop.

Your Professional Headshot photographer can choose from a variety of backgrounds after consultation with you. Perhaps a city backdrop from the top of a building if you are in banking or finance. Those building lights will dance and shine behind you for a breathtaking image
Perhaps a beach or park backdrop if you are in the travel or hospitality business. Really the choices are as wide as your imagination!

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A key component to capturing a great professional headshot is having a relaxed subject! Think about all the amazing photographs you have seen with models and celebrities! Their trick is simply that practice makes perfect! They are so used to having their photograph taken that they are totally relaxed!! Now, the studio can be a relaxing place if you have a fun, engaging photographer but it can often times be quite intimidating for people. All those lights!! A good photographer will put you at ease but an outside photoshoot is often a lot more natural and just less scary for a lot of people.

Obviously there are a few things that can go wrong if you choose to book an outside Headshot photography session…. For example, the weather! The golden rule of how to take headshots outside is to have an excellent backup plan! Sometimes the temperature can be an issue too, especially in the hot humid summers in much of North America. A photographer will work in water breaks and plan to have a shady spot nearby for comfort and convenience. A small cooler with ice to place on your pulse points will be very welcome! Equally important in the winter its important to have access to a warm area to drink some coffee or hot chocolate and thaw out. Hand warmers to put in a coat pocket are essential!!

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The ideal times to plan a creative outdoor headshot session are before the sun gets high in the sky and right before it sets in the evening. The Golden Hour.. You can expect stunning outdoor headshot lighting at these times. It’s also cooler in the summer months which is an added bonus!

Your photographer will give you tips on how to pose for the best outdoor headshot possible. Hopefully you will be comfortable in the environment you have chosen which goes a long way in the quest for stunning headshot poses.

Outdoor business headshots can be shot in dynamic cinematic style. This technique really pulls viewers into the image for maximum effect. Remember I asked how your images would stand out from the crowd? Well cinematic style headshot photography with classic bokeh will definitely put your images in a league of their own!

So, if you are on the fence, I say go for those outdoor business headshots! Break away from the normal studio shots and give your online presence a fresh, edgy style that really speaks to who you are and what you have to offer!

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