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What Are Professional Headshots

A Professional Headshot, literally speaking, is a modern portrait for the digital world. There was a time when many of us equated the term ‘headshot’ with the modeling and acting professions exclusively; photographs to build a portfolio. A vertical 8×10 black and white headshot printed onto glossy paper was that Industry’s norm… Not so today however! A professional Headshot is an investment in self, and you can never go wrong when you are investing in your number one commodity – you! A great headshot will enable you to portray yourself looking your absolute professional best in front of future clients, customers and potential employers.
A professional headshot will convey your professionalism. If you look professional, you are much more likely to be taken seriously and shortlisted for an in person meeting or interview.

A professional headshot comes in many different guises and your photographer will help you choose what’s right for you. Backdrops can be solid colors, muted or bold, or anything at all actually! There are no rules really. Yes, solid colors are tried and true go-tos for Professional Headshot Backdrops but there are no limits or restrictions. Most importantly the backdrop should help to announce you and your business exactly how you want it to. You can have a Headshot in your office or in the Photography Studio. You can also choose to go out on location for a natural, cinematic style of Headshot. You can also choose between color or black and white for your headshot photo, or both!! Your professional headshot will come together to give a great first impression of you to the market you are targeting.

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A headshot photography session is typically shorter than a full portrait session. Of course this is somewhat contingent upon what a client needs. A quick in and out for a very standard headshot is not the same as a session requiring multiple shots and wardrobe changes. A headshot photography session will always start with a lively discussion so that both parties know exactly what is expected and desired.

A good headshot will make you feel confident! Having a current, quality image to share with your audience will certainly boost your self esteem and perhaps inspire you to take a few risks or overcome work related challenges. Of course, in order to obtain these great images you have to research and choose a professional headshot photographer that suits your style. A great Headshot Photographer will know how to make you relax and that in turn will allow you to look confident in your portraits. You most definitely can’t tell how competent a person is from looking at a photograph but you can get a sense of their confidence levels. Of course, confidence and competence are often perceived as overlapping so if you look confident in your photographs you are convincing your audience that you are capable and productive.

So Professional Headshots nowadays are a fast and personal way to introduce yourself to your desired audiences. None of us have time to write a letter, wait for a response, make a phone call and then arrange a meeting. Especially if all of that leads to nothing at all. So we cut to the chase. A headshot has to be current and interesting to work in your favor. You want people to remember you and your headshot gives you an opportunity to stand apart in the crowd. To allow people to decide yes, they want to know more about you after a fast first impression! Basically, everybody needs a great headshot in today’s competitive world! And let’s face it, you need every advantage you can get these days so a truly terrific headshot goes a long way to help you with all your personal branding, marketing and professional goals!

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