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Engagement Photography In Marietta Georgia

Marietta Square is probably the most diverse and popular backdrop for Atlanta’s many Engagement Photo sessions. That said, I love to find the hidden away places around the Square that are as unique as the couples that I have the honor of photographing. My extensive knowledge of Marietta area means I know where to shoot at what time of the day and even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, I know the perfect spots to get your perfect pictures together! Getting Engagement Photos shot in historic Marietta gives a lot of scope to creating unique portraits for you both while surrounded by the history of the area.

Starting to plan your wedding celebration is such a fun and often daunting task. My Engagement Photo Sessions mean you start out with top quality photos for your wedding website, social media and wedding invitations.

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Along with the digital files, I offer wall art and print packages to create a visual reminder of the love you share.

Whether we shoot in Marietta Square, or one of the many parks in Marietta or in one of the historic ally-ways – trust the photos of your special moments with Cottrell Photographers.

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