1. What is your profession?

What do you do for work? Is my favorite way to open up a conversation when clients first inquire about business portraits. Often during the photo session I’ll ask more questions about their work and some of the specifics. The answer I get is one of the elements that will help me direct the photo session with the results in mind. 

2. Have you ever had a Professional Photographer shoot your headshot before?

I ask this question as it’s often the first time a client has been photographed by a Professional Headshot Photographer. It can be a little scary if it’s a first time experience. I like to take a few minutes to explain how I work, how we’ll be collaborating throughout the process which will result in amazing photos of them that they’ll love and use.

3. What do you like about your current headshot?

Understanding what the client likes about a current headshot is important. They may prefer to be shot from a certain angle, a specific side or from slightly above. Sometimes people are a little self-conscious about something, perhaps their smile. While setting up and shooting I can keep this in mind and work with my clients to highlight their personalities. My goal is always that my clients love their photos. 

4. What do you dislike about your current headshot? 

Clients usually have an easier time answering this question than the previous question! And share with me what they felt went wrong or could have been better with makeup, hair and wardrobe etc. and I can work to make sure that their experience this time around is a much more positive one and they get Professional Headshots they love.

5. Where will the image be used? 

This is one of the most important questions I ask. For example if the image is intended to be used on a website does it need to be horizontal or vertical? What background color would you like? It’s much better to to shoot with these things in mind then trying to make an image conform after the fact. On that note, sometimes it’s assumed that all Professional Headshots  are vertical, when in fact they can be either horizontal or vertical.  

Chris Cottrell, Professional Headshot Photographer

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Chris Cottrell Photographer

Chris Cottrell

Chris Cottrell is a Jacksonville, Florida based professional portrait photographer. He obtained a Graphic Arts Degree from Brunel Technical College in the United Kingdom and he has been practicing the art of photography professionally for over 25 years. His experience ensures you receive the beautiful images you are seeking.