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What to wear for an Engagement Photography Session

Choosing your engagement photo outfits can be a little overwhelming! Do you choose formal? Or casual? Do you go all matchy-matchy with your significant other or dress in your own styles? It’s kind of important as you are investing in an amazing photography session and will likely use these photographs as you lead up to your wedding day for your save the dates and your wedding website. Some may even end up on your wall or Holiday cards so you want to look fabulous!!

Here are a few tips to guide you as you plan for your Engagement Photo Shoot….

  1.  Dress for the season. If you are taking fall photographs work the colors! Don’t be afraid to add some movement to your engagement photos by throwing up leaves or jumping into or from piles of leaves! Always fun! You can work with all those wonderful rich fall colors to make for amazing photographs. For summer engagement photos you might want to go barefoot in the sand or share an ice-cream or a frosty cocktail! Nothing shouts summer like an ice cream van which would make a super fun backdrop for photographs. For winter engagement photos you can bundle up and get all cozy. Perhaps an outdoor fire or indoor warm photographs. Using dramatic winter skies and leafless trees are always stunning if you are outdoorsy – even if you aren’t!
  2.  Let your personality shine. You will be happiest with your engagement photographs if they are a true reflection of who you are as a couple. If you both love t-shirts and jeans and rarely dress up then go for that casual look – just strive for the very best version of it! Clean ironed jeans and t-shirts work great and look fabulous. If you love to dress up but are anxious about the cost of a new, stunning outfit for your photographs then consider a rental service like rent-the-runway so that you can incorporate gorgeous designer outfits at a very affordable price! Put some thought into it and plan your ideal looks in plenty of time.
  3.  Should you Match? It’s often considered a dilemma. Do we have to match for our engagement photos? I say the rule of thumb should be to complement each other rather than flat out match. If you like peach tones perhaps have your partner wear a color that works well with peach but doesn’t match it exactly. A beige or russet perhaps….. Of course, if you both love to wear matching outfits then go for it! There really are not rules!
  4.  Colors. While color is ultimately a personal choice for the purpose of accentuating you and your love for each other it’s best to choose neutral tones and pastels. You can always add a bright accessory or two if you love a pop of color. You don’t want loud colors to take away from the main focus of the photographs – both of you!
  5.  Longevity. Think in terms of the future when planning your engagement photo outfits. You will want to look at them in years to come and be pleased with what you see. If you are sporting the latest style of Neon Vinyl it might not look as cool in 10 or 20 years. Think classic and timeless.
  6. Less is More. It might be tempting to turn your engagement photo session into a full blown fashion shoot with six or seven outfits lined up but it is really better to choose 2 great outfits for two different looks and go with that. You can tie the two looks together with a color scheme or setting and will make for a great photo collection that you will be happy to use for wedding planning purposes and to display in a coffee table book or as wall art in the future.
  7. So don’t forget, your couples engagement shoot should, above all, be fun and a chance to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day. What you wear will most definitely impact the outcome of your photographs so be comfortable in your choices and allow your personality to shine through.

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