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Do You Need An Updated Professional Headshot?

Having an experienced Jacksonville Professional Photographer who understands light, the complexities of modern cameras, has a good selection of lenses and get’s it right in the camera! is key to getting great Executive or Professional Headshots that you’ll love and use to gain new contacts or business opportunities.

Having a Professional Headshot or Portrait facing your prospects and customers is key in gaining initial trust. I would also add, that nowadays it’s more important than ever for freelancers, small and large businesses to put a face to their organizations. It’s no longer simply just a headshot, a Professional Photographer taken Executive Headshot is an asset to you and your business. A sharp, well lit and composed Executive Headshot allows you to introduce yourself directly, which in turn makes you more memorable than simply a name and description. Original photography such as your staff’s Professional Headshots get better ranking with search engines – it’s good for your SEO!

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If you have a website or social profiles without an Executive Headshot it often makes companies and entrepreneurs look bland and lacking identity and you are most likely being overlooked by people searching for your service or product.

There are lots of other benefits to investing in a Cottrell Photographers Professional Headshots such as:

  • Confident, warm, approachable photos invite people to take the next step – contact you!
  • Original photographs get much higher SEO ranking than stock or no photo
  • The brand value and brand consistency across platforms is priceless
  • Use in CV’s and Resume`s to help get the interview, job or contract
  • The ability to use professionally shot images in sales and marketing, websites, social media, brochures, packaging, billboards, business cards, Real Estate marketing and Executive Portraiture to display in offices the list goes on, but it has to start with a professionally shot, high resolution digital photograph.

If you are looking for Professional Headshots in Jacksonville or an International Corporation looking for world class Professional Photography contact me with questions or to receive my free booklet “2020 Guide to professional headshots”.

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